30 Principles of How to Live Your Life

by Paul V Harris on July 19, 2012

1) Do not criticise, condem or complain – Look at the situation from the others point of view.

2) Compliment and appreciate others – We all are lookigng to feel special.

3) Talk to others from their point of view – Discuss the benefits to them. How can I help You?

4) Find others facinating -

5) Smile all the time -

6) Remember everyone’s name -

7) Be a great listener -
8) Discuss the other person’s interests -

9) Make the other person feel important – Compliments and praise.

10) You cannot win an arguement – To win, avoid it completely.

11) Show respect for the other person’s opinions – Judge people on their values.

12) Admit when you are wrong – Quickly and openly.

13) Sugar (not vinegar) to attracct more – Be nice and friendly to everyone.

14) Hide differences. Emphasize similarities -

15) Handle complaints by talking less and listening more – They want to express themselves.

16) Create influence by involving others in your decision

17) See things from the others point of view – What do others want to get out of the transaction?

18) Demonstrate understanding – Feel, felt, found

19) Believe their belief -

20) Drama is really good – Be a showman

21) If nothing else, Challenge – Raise the bar of expectation by creating competition.

22) Begin with priase – Everything else will be excepted as sweeter.

23) Approach challenges indirectly – Suggest a different course of action instead.

24) Discuss your mistakes before critisizing others -

25) Never give direct orders – Suggest a task for them to consider performing.

26) Let others save face -

27) Praise the small steps – Find what others are doing right.

28) Future Pace people – Discuss skills you want for them.

29) Use encouragement – Show how simple the next steps are.

30) Make others happy to be by your side.

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ronnie July 26, 2012 at 7:40 am

Such an awesome list – thank you!!!!

Paul V Harris July 30, 2012 at 8:39 am

Thank you Ronnie I got it from a great friend of mine http://www.PaulFinck.com I thought it was awesome and had to pass it on.

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